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How to Avoid Ski Injury

Keeping fit & basic precautions can help avoid ski injuries

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Being as fit as possible is one of the best ways of avoiding ski or snowboard injury.

You can protect yourself further with protective ski clothing.

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Helmets should ideally be worn by everybody. Wrist guards are a must for snowboarders of all levels, impact shorts and knee pads are useful when learning to snowboard and when using the park and finally, back protectors will help depending on the risk you're exposing yourself to.

Some Skiing & Snowboarding Facts

  • Around 80% of injuries are caused by falling
  • Around 10% of injuries are from collision (with other people or objects)
  • 60% of injuries occur in the first season
  • 25% of skiing/snowboarding injuries occur on the first day
  • 30% of skiing injuries are to the knee with about a half of these being ACL injuries

If you're dehydrated (or hungover) this will affect your reaction times, strength and endurance. Try drinking water along with your alcohol the night before and take regular sips from a hydration pack (such as a Camelbak or Platypus bag) when on the mountain.

Not a fitness tip as such, but insuring yourself will make sure that in the case of an accident you receive all the healthcare you need without the financial costs hurting more than the actual injury. Please read our article on Winter Sports Insurance for more information.

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