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Recovering from Injury

Recovering from ski injuries with R.I.C.E. & physiotherapy

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If you have a sprain, strain or bruise from a ski injury you can start the R.I.C.E program to help with your recovery.

  • Rest injured tissues must have a period of rest to heal
  • Ice 10 minutes frequently is better than 1 long application
  • Compression with a moderately firm bandage to control swelling
  • Elevate the injured part to help drainage and reduce swelling

Physiotherapy and massage can help in the acute stages of an injury; protective strapping and advice regarding exercise will help you return to activity. You may then be given advice and exercise to help you avoid similar problems in the future.

Massage can help you recover and relax after exercise and promote healing following soft tissue injury.

See our selection of Alpe d'Huez spas to find a sports massage near you.

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