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Summer lift pass prices in Alpe d'Huez

Discover the Alpe d'Huez summer lift-passes


Alpe d'Huez is much more than a ski area, it's a year-round mountain destination. In the summer, it turns into a huge altitude playground for cyclists who come to challenge themselves on the world-famous 21 bends, mountain bikers who want to enjoy the longest downhill track in the world and hikers who come to explore the trails that ascend and descend its forested slopes and view one-fifth of France from an altitude of 3,330m.

About Alpe d'Huez Summer Lift Pass Prices

Summer lift pass prices in Alpe d'Huez

Summer lift passes in Alpe d'Huez are valid for both pedestrians and mountain bikers.

You can buy a whole range of passes from one or two days up to 10-day non-consecutive passes, plus weekend and week passes, and unlimited access.

Please note: For all lift passes you must purchase a refillable pass card for €2 per card. (Prices quoted throughout are per person unless otherwise stated, and are a guide only, please confirm at time of booking. Prices may be subject to changes in VAT and further Terms & Conditions may apply).

Summer passes - Pedestrian and Mountain Bike
These are called 'Exploration' passes, and offer the best value for money when visiting in the summer. The MTB passes gives you access to the mountain bike trails of the immense Alpe d'Huez domain.

Single and Return lift passes – Pedestrian and Mountain Bike
You can purchase single and return tickets for individual lifts or a selection of lifts. These passes are available for the DMC 1 & 2 lifts, as well as Pic Blanc, and can be purchased at the lift pass offices in resort only. Alpe Express (from Place Paganon, serving the Eclose and the Bergers) and Télévillage (from Huez village, serving Alpe d'Huez) are free this summer to facilitate your travels in resort.

Single and Return Lift Pass Prices 2023
Lift Person
5-71 yrs
DMC 1 7.50€
DMC 1+2 17.50€
Alpe Express and Télévillage Free
Pic Blanc (round trip from 2,700m to Pic Blanc only)** 12.00€
Signal telemixte 7.50€
Rif Nel telemixte 4.00€

**Sold only at 2,700m (DMC2).

Non-Consecutive Days - Pedestrian and Mountain Bike
Alpe d'Huez also offers non-consecutive days passes for two and 10 days. You can use these throughout the season.

Non-Consecutive Days Lift Pass Prices 2023
Ticket Person
5-71 yrs
2 Days 42.50€
10 Days 156.50€
Extra Day 21.50€
About Alpe d'Huez Summer Lift Pass Prices

Deals & discounted lift passes in Alpe d'Huez

The Fun Pass gives you access to Grand Domaine plus one activity of your choice: ice rink, outdoor pool or sledge on rails.

Fun Pass Prices 2023

13-71 yrs

5-12 yrs
1 Day 26.00€ 21.00€
2 Days 40.50€ 40.50€
About Alpe d'Huez Summer Lift Pass Prices

Free lift passes in Alpe d'Huez

Who can use the lifts for free in Alpe d'Huez?
Children aged under five years old and people aged over 72 years old can use the lifts for free.

  • Proof of age is required at time of purchase.
  • A €2 fee will be charged for the hands-free card.
  • These passes are only available at the lift pass offices in resort.

Mountain bike lift passes in Alpe d'Huez

MTB Exploration Lift Pass Prices 2023
Ticket Adult
13-71 yrs
Child / Family (price per person)*
5-12 yrs
1 Day 23.00€ 19.50€
2 Day 37.50€  
3 Day 56.00€  
4 Day 69.50€  
5 Day 87.00€  
6 Day 97.00€** Family*: 73.50€
Extra Day 16.00€ 12.00€

*"Family" includes parents, grandparents and stepfamilies with at least two children under the age of 22, the family in the broadest sense must consist of a minimum of four persons. The rate applies to the day pass and passes from six days onwards, of the same duration and with identical validity dates.
**Grande Galaxie: For July and August the MTB pass from six consecutive days/season pass gives you free access to the Deux Alpes, Puy Saint Vincent and Montgenèvre areas (during the validity of your pass).

Pedestrian passes in Alpe d'Huez

Pedestrian Exploration Lift Pass Prices 2023
Ticket Adult
13-71 yrs
Child / Family (price per person)*
5-12 yrs
1 Day 21.00€ 17.50€
2 Day 33.50€  
6 Day 87.50€ Family*: 66.50€
Season 181.00€  

About Alpe d'Huez Summer Lift Pass Prices

Annual and season passes in Alpe d'Huez

How much are summer season passes ?
Alpe d'Huez offers summer season passes valid from 24th June to 27th August 2023. These are a great option if you're planning on staying here for the summer or visiting often as they include access to all of the summer lifts, night skiing, discounts on the Shepherds' rail sledge, free access to the Palais des Sports (in the case of the Liberty Pass) and discounts on day passes in La Grave and Alpe du Grand Serre.

Summer Season Pass Prices 2023
Ticket Per person
Liberty Season Pass pedestrian 210.00€
Liberty Season Pass VTT 229.00€
Season Pass pedestrian 181.00€
Season Pass VTT 200.00€
About Alpe d'Huez Summer Lift Pass Prices

Other passes in Alpe d'Huez

Are there any other passes available in Alpe d'Huez?
Yes, Alpe d'Huez offers special summer passes to access all the activities that the resort has to offer, as well as tickets for the summer luge: a sledge on rails located in the Bergers area.

Summer Pass Liberté
Alpe d'Huez offers an unlimited access pass for a whole host of activities and facilities in resort, including the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, outdoor ice rink, the facilities and activities at the Palais des Sports leisure centre and the tennis courts. With this pass, you'll also get discounts on supervised and cultural activities, guided tours and workshops, the Palais cinema for all those aged five years and over and free book loans at the local library.

Summer Liberté Pass Prices 2023
Ticket Per Person Family
Pedestrian 3 days 60.00€ -
Pedestrian 6 days 101.50€ 80.50€
Pedestrian Season Pass 210.00€  
MTB 3 days 66.50€  
MTB 6 days 112.50€ 88.50€
MTB Season Pass 229.00€  

Summer Luge Pass
Take a spin down the summer luge tracks in Alpe d'Huez, in the Bergers area. Open daily from 24th June to 27th August 2023, from 09:30 - 18:45, there are two options available: just the sledge or pay an additional fee and ride with virtual reality goggles, it will transport you to a whole new world. There must be two people on the sledge, a driver and a person wearing the virtual reality goggles.

Summer Luge Pass Prices 2023
Ticket Per sledge (1 - 2 pers.)
1 run 7€
5 runs + 1 free* 30€
10 runs + 2 free* 57€
20 runs + 4 free* 90€
With VR headset +4€
DUO OFFER: 1 sledding run + 2 tubing 13.50€

* Add on €2 for the mandatory hands-free pass on passes for five trips and more, unless you already have a card to re-load online.

Children under six years old and/or 1m35 must be accompanied by an adult. No access to children under three years old, even if accompanied. Prices shown are a guide only, to be confirmed at the time of booking; further Terms & Conditions may apply and prices may be subject to changes in VAT.

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